June 10, 1929 to December 19, 2020

 Norman Anthony Fuller 

We lost a dear husband, father, sibling, relative and friend on December 19th, 2020.

​(see his full obituary below)

Norman Fuller reached the age of 91. Although we can unequivocally say that he lived a good life and created a lasting legacy of work, family and spirituality, such a man's departure always seems needless and premature. We miss him greatly.

His passing came quickly and with minimal suffering. He took his daily walks and kept his routines until about a week before he passed, a testament to the care and partnership that he and his wife Antonia formed during their 40 year marriage but in particular over the past 8 months. In the face of the pandemic they became closer and more spiritual together, strengthening their love for one another and harnessing it to achieve peace and calm in a time of uncertainty in the months leading up to Norman's death. Antonia provided his day-to-day care to an impossibly high standard and the family is grateful for this guardian angel. Norman kept in close touch with friends and family and with his three children. He took the time to communicate his love. He was deliberate about getting all of his 'houses' in order with respect to his relationships and with the higher powers that he answered to.

He did not want to be a burden on anyone in life or in death and requested a simple ceremony and cremation. More extravagant plans have been made impossible by the pandemic and we are sad that more friends and family will be unable to celebrate his life in person, but we hope that this site and and the suggestions of some alternate ways to pay your respects are a suitable replacement.

We held a small memorial ceremony and internment on Wednesday December 23rd in Largo, Florida. We had beautiful sunny weather and are grateful that we were able to to convene a small family gathering. We invite the many friends and family that were unable to join in person to honor and celebrate Norman's life and death:



In lieu of flowers we ask that you contribute to one of the charities or churches that Norman and his family support:

The Marist Brothers (Norman Fuller)

Catholic Charities of Jacksonville (wife Antonia Fuller)

Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg (brother-in-law Fred Kunder)

The River Church (daughter Iira Sinkari)

Night Watch (daughter Helga Fuller)

Hire Ground (son Hans Fuller)


Here are some Memories of Norman shared with him in the days before his passing.

And please enjoy the Family Photos section of this site. These are photos that Norman collected during his family genealogy work over the past ~10 years.


Norman Anthony Fuller passed away early in the morning on Saturday, December 19th, 2020. He was born in Madurai, India on June 10th, 1929. His father was an engine driver for the railway and his mother died in childbirth when he was three. But Norman was always full of wonder about the world, and he was called to a different life. In the earliest pictures of him, you can see the thoughtfulness and quiet determination that would never leave him. He attended Jesuit boarding school, finished at the top of his class, and continued on to become a Jesuit priest. The Jesuit order sent him to Paris to do a PhD in Immunochemistry at the Sorbonne. In Paris, he decided that while he was true to the love of learning that is central to the Jesuits, he did not have a vocation for the priesthood. He was granted dispensation from his vows by the Holy See. Throughout his adult life, he continued learn and study, while also finding ways to apply his skills to support his family. He finished two more degrees while working full time: a master's in public health at John's Hopkins and an MBA at Jacksonville University. Always an excellent student, after completing the MBA, he was asked to teach in the program. His last job was as a researcher for Blue Cross Blue Shield where he did specialized research to support health policy decisions. He was also a member of the Kiwanis club. Many times, both financially and morally, he supported and encouraged others to better themselves through education.

Norman had the rare quality of being both serious and dependable while also being expansive and colorful. On one hand he loved the quiet contemplation of man as “the creature who investigates his own creator.” He wondered about mysteries from biology to astronomy. On the other hand, he loved to ballroom dance. He loved Baryshnikov and the ballet, women in beautiful dresses and hats, natural scenery and flowers, and fine food. He loved to see everyone eat and drink and to pick up the check.

Norman is survived by his loving wife, Antonia Kunder Fuller, who took in all of his children as her own and worked hard to bring us together as one family, his daughter Iira Sinkari and her mother Mirija Sinkari, his ex-wife Sieglinde Fuller and son, Hans Fuller and wife Jennifer, daughter Helga Fuller and husband William Weir, and grandchildren Delaney, Jack and Andersen Fuller, and Matilda Fuller Weir. 

After his retirement, merging his interest in cosmology and biology, he spent years carefully researching our family tree and making and renewing heartfelt connections with family in India, Australia, and the U.S. He was one of twelve children, so the tree has a lot of branches. All of you are so important to him!